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The Penrose Institute is supported by your donations and grants. For potential supporters of the Institute and its work along with technology transfer and licensing, please contact us by phone in the USA on (858) 224-2750 or in the UK on  44 (0)1865-986290 or by email at support[at]penroseinstitute|dot|com. To donate online click on the links below.

Our Immediate Research Goals

The Hunt for Human Creativity
Scanning the brain while people perform non-computable creative tasks. Seeking to find unique structures or mechanisms involved in human creativity and understanding. Working out how human and artificial intelligence can best work together given their unique capabilities.

Searching for Quantum Biology in the Brain
Looking to see how both regular and exotic quantum effects are important in the functioning of the human brain. Seeking markers for conscious thought and unique biological elements in computation. Hoping to better understand brain disorders so we might treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and post operative cognitive disorder.

Building Quantum Sensors to Detect Gravitational Waves
Looking at Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) to probe the interplay between quantum mechanics and general relativity. This might ultimately lead to new sensors that can image the sky or the earth using gravitational rather than electromagnetic waves and allow us to test new physical theories.

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The Penrose Institute is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI), a California, USA Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation founded in 1978. EIN#94-2524840.

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